Assy 2000 - Metal Lice Comb - Colour: Blue

Assy 2000 - Metal Lice Comb - Color: Blue

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Assy 2000 - Metal Lice Comb - Colour: Blue

Assy 2000 - Metal Lice Comb - Color: Blue

Product Information


Assy 2000 Metal Lice Comb - Colour: Blue: is a wide-width comb that removes and destroys lice and nits in a single gesture. 1 / A patented product worldwide allowing a 100% natural and effective treatment of lice and nits removal. The system of micro-fluted teeth in the form of tight spirals causes micro-tears on the nits leading to their total eradication. 2 / The precise gap of its teeth: the nits have an ovoid shape, a length of 0,5mm and a width of 0,2 to 0,3mm. They adhere strongly to the hair by a strong cement that makes them very difficult to take off. The gap between each Assy 2000 tooth is smaller than the size of the smaller nits. That is why they are conduced and removed. 3 / Comfort: a maximum of comfort without pulling of the hair whatever the type of hair (short, long, fine, frizzy, thick, abundant) thanks to the length of the teeth, the spacing between each tooth, and the rounded tip of the teeth. 4 / Resistance and durability: a durable and resistant product at the forefront of technology with its double laser welding and stainless hardened steel. 5 / A comb reusable by the whole family: maintenance is easy thanks to stainless steel. Disinfect the comb by putting it in contact for a few moments with boiling water and drying it. It can be reused by all members of the family without risk of contagion, making this comb an economic product. 6 / Anti-slip strips: these strips allow a better grip and avoid the sliding of the comb between the fingers usually wet when applying treatment in the bathroom or shower. Warranty: 5 years.


To fight against lice and nits.




It is recommended to use the comb in the bathroom and wash it after each use, to prevent lice and nits from resisting in places where contagion is possible. Apply on slightly damp hair. Thoroughly comb the hair with a regular brush or comb. Separate the hair with a hair line and comb over each hair line until it is free of nits and lice. To clean the comb, place it under the water by spreading the teeth slightly away from the tips. Allow the comb to dry with a clean towel. It will be necessary to remake this gesture after the cleansing of each hair line.


EAN/UPC: 7791940020021

Contents: 1 comb

Presentation: Small pocket paperboard