Avent - 2 Nipple Shields

Avent - 2 Nipple Shields

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Avent - 2 Nipple Shields

Avent - 2 Nipple Shields

Product Information


Avent 2 Nipple Shields are designed to help with breastfeeding when you are experiencing nipple issues or latch-on challenges. Ultra-thin, butterfly-shaped, they provide skin-to-skin contact to help babies develop a strong emotional bond. They allow contact between the mother's breast and the baby's nose and chin so that the baby can feel and touch the mother's skin. They are also indicated for :babies who have difficulty learning to suck in order to allow the mother to breastfeed for longer, especially in case of flat or inverted nipples, babies with weak sucking technique or oral anomalies. The Nipple Shield can provide a nipple shape for latching on, keeping and maintaining a protuded position during baby's feeding pauses. cracked or sore nipples. They can help to reduce rubbing and stretching of nipples during breastfeeding so that you can give your milk with comfort. Their plastic case allows hygienic transport. 0% EPS.


Nipple protection during breastfeeding.




Wash before first use. Regularly check their condition before use. Simply place the nipple shield over the centre of the nipple to allow baby to take the entire areola into his mouth.


EAN/UPC: 8710103907633

Contents: 2 pieces of breast

Presentation: Plastic box