dBb Remond - Ourson Toiletry Bag

dBb Remond - Ourson Toiletry Bag

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dBb Remond - Ourson Toiletry Bag

dBb Remond - Ourson Toiletry Bag

Product Information


dBb Remond Ourson Toiletry Bag is a toilet bag in the shape of a bear's head with everything you need for baby's hygiene! It can be used on the go or at home. This toiletry bag contains:1 thermometer,1 brush,1 comb,1 sponge,1 nail clipper,1 scissors,1 nasal blower,1 little silicone finger.


Teddy bear case. To transport or at home.


Sponge: synthetic, little finger: silicone.


Using the nail clippers and scissors:After 1 month, cut the fingernails rounded and not too short. Cut toenails straight to avoid ingrown toenails. Using the Silicone Little Finger:Position the little finger on your index finger to brush your child's first teeth or massage his gums to relieve him during teething. Using the bath thermometer:Immerse the thermometer in the bath water once mixed, shake it and read the temperature after a few minutes. Always check the water temperature before bathing the child. The ideal bath temperature for the child is around 37 ° C. The recommended bath temperature is between 35 ° C and 38 ° C. Do not exceed a temperature of 39 ° C for the bath of the child. Caution - Do not leave the child without adult supervision. Caution - If the temperature column shows liquid separation, stop using the thermometer. Before each use, check that the tube does not move in its housing. If it moves, the indicated temperature is unreliable, do not use it anymore. Maintenance:Before the first and after each use, clean with hot soapy water, rinse with clear water and dry. Do not use sponges or abrasive cleaners. Disinfect the blades of scissors and nail clippers with 70% alcohol. After each use, rinse the sponge thoroughly, wring out and let dry. Make sure each item is dry before storing the kit to prevent mold. For the safety and health of your child. Warning !This product should always be used under adult supervision. Before each use, inspect the product. Throw away at the first sign of deterioration or brittleness. This product is not a toy. Pay attention to the sharp edges of the pair of scissors, despite the rounded tip. Keep all unused parts out of the reach of children. Do not leave items exposed to direct sunlight or near a heat source.


EAN/UPC: 3167673050118

Contents: 9 units

Presentation: Box