MAM - 2 Nipple Shields

MAM - 2 Nipple Shields

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MAM - 2 Nipple Shields

MAM - 2 Nipple Shields

Product Information


MAM 2 Nipple Shields relieve painful breastfeeding, keeping baby/mom in contact. The nipple shields are:- very thin in silicone for maximum contact with the skin and a neutral taste. - soft for babys skin, let air pass between the nipple shield and the baby. - with a patented silicone surface for a familiar feel. - with a specific shape to allow baby to feel the skin of mom and her smell. Size S: 17mmSize M: 23mm. 0% BPA.


Nipple shields to keep in touch with mom/baby.




Follow the instructions for use given by your midwife or paediatrician for the use of nipple shields.


EAN/UPC: 9001616709333

Contents: 2 nipple shields

Presentation: Box