NUK - First Choice Teat for Cleft Palate

NUK - First Choice Teat for Cleft Palate

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NUK - First Choice Teat for Cleft Palate

NUK - First Choice Teat for Cleft Palate

Product Information


NUK First Choice Teat for Cleft Palate is a teat for cleft palate without drilling. It was designed so that the rubber part of the pacifier closes the cleft in the palate. The teat hole should be drilled manually on a case-by-case basis, following the instructions of the doctor who will have examined the child's palate. This piercing is carried out using a needle on the top of the teat, laterally, either to the right or to the left, however it is never at the level of the palatal cleft, nor on the underside of the teat ( which would then be obstructed by the baby's tongue). It is also possible and more hygienic to use a toothpick for piercing by pushing the shank from inside the nipple to bring out the latex and cut out the desired part. The hole should be as small as possible because it is always possible to enlarge it if necessary. One of the most important properties of this specific Nuk teat is to promote the natural movement of sucking, chewing and sucking while drinking. Thus, the arched top of the teat presses against the palate with each sip that the child swallows. The cleft palate is thus blocked and the milk channeled into the cheeks and between the teeth. Food cannot get into the airways and the child cannot swallow askew. The milk is still sufficiently mixed with the saliva, which is important for good digestion. This product complies with EN 14350. Contains: 1 teat + 1 screw ring.


Teat for cleft palate with non-drilled screw ring.


Teat: Rubber latex.


Sterilize the teat and screw ring before first use, boil for 5 minutes using enough water so that the items are not damaged. For hygienic reasons, then clean thoroughly with mild dishwashing liquid before any further use. This product should always be used under adult supervision. Do not put the pacifier in the dishwasher, the cleaning product could damage it. Never use a bottle teat as a pacifier. Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids can lead to the development of dental caries. This applies in particular for sweet liquids or fruit or vegetable juices. Always check the temperature of the food before bottle-feeding. Before each use, check the teat for wear by pulling it in all directions, especially for children with teeth. Replace the teat if it is sticky, visibly damaged, or if it has cracks or bites, to prevent particles from being swallowed. For reasons of safety and hygiene, replace the pacifier after 1 to 2 months of use. Do not expose the bottle nipple to direct sunlight or heat, or leave it in a disinfectant (sterilization solution) beyond the prescribed time, otherwise it may be damaged. Do not immerse in sugary substances or drugs. Store in a dry, dark place. Produced from natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.


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