NUK - Nature Sense 2 Silicone Teats

NUK - Nature Sense 2 Silicone Teats

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NUK - Nature Sense 2 Silicone Teats

NUK - Nature Sense 2 Silicone Teats

Product Information


NUK Nature Sense 2 Silicone Teats are silicone teats that imitate the breast. The large flexible surface allows for lip placement and the extra soft soft area provides a familiar drinking sensation like at the mother's breast. The silent and natural flow of drink thanks to the numerous micro-holes, imitating the milk ducts of the mother's breast. The anti-colic air system prevents the baby from sucking in air, for a problem-free tummy. The teat is available with three different holes (S, M and L). Depending on the individual suction power of the baby, these different hole variants allow for an optimal flow of the drink:For slow flow of beverage, size S with 3 holes. For medium flow, size M with 6 holes. For fast consumption speed, size L with 9 holes. Fits all NUK Nature Sense baby bottles. BPA free. Complies with the EN 1400 standard.


Silicone teat ideal for every baby.




Read the warnings and instructions inside carefully.


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Contents: 2 Teats

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