NUK - Nature Sense Mother Breastfeeding Set

NUK - Nature Sense Mother Breastfeeding Set

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NUK - Nature Sense Mother Breastfeeding Set

NUK - Nature Sense Mother Breastfeeding Set

Product Information


NUK Nature Sense Mother Breastfeeding Set is a breastfeeding kit to extract, store breast milk and feed your baby. It consists of:Nuk Nature Sense breastfeeding set, with Nuk manual breast pump and Nuk Nature Sense bottles:With the NUK Jolie manual breast pump included in the kit and the handy NUK Nature Sense bottles, you can express, store breast milk and feed your baby at the same time - a complete solution for mothers who, despite having a baby, do not wish to do without a modern lifestyle. Effortless and gentle extraction, with the Nuk Jolie manual breast pump:With the NUK Jolie manual breast pump, expressing breast milk is not only easy, but also gentle and efficient. To extract breast milk, all you have to do is push the breast pump lever down, which is particularly practical to hold thanks to its ergonomic shape. This lever can also be used to adjust the suction power and your personal suction rate. The fitted soft pad has a soft, velvety surface and also helps you when collecting: the unique nubs of the pad stimulate the flow of milk and at the same time provide a pleasant feeling when extracting. Perfectly combined: Nuk Jolie breast pump and Nuk Nature Sense bottles:In this NUK Nature Sense breastfeeding kit, Nuk has combined the NUK manual breast pump with the NUK Nature Sense bottles. Thanks to the handy breast pump adapter, the milk can be collected directly into the container so that you do not have to fill it. Convenient silicone closure plates prevent liquid from escaping and allow for safe storage or storage. Homemade porridge can also be stored in this container. Liquid baby food will keep in the refrigerator for a few days. Freezing is also possible and results in tasty milk for up to six months. In addition to NUK Nature Sense bottles, the NUK Jolie breast pump can also be combined with First Choice bottles. Modeled on the mother's breast, the teat of the Nuk Nature Sense bottle:In addition to the container for breast milk, two NUK Nature Sense bottles with a capacity of 150 ml are also included in the breastfeeding kit. A special feature: the micro-holes in the nipple are inspired by the milk ducts of the mother's breast and make Nature Sense a bottle with which babies can enjoy a familiar and above all natural feeling of sucking. The enlarged and flexible base of the nipple to lay the lips allows your baby to suck naturally and the innovative anti-colic valve also allows uninterrupted suckling as if on the breast, thus avoiding the ingestion of air, and therefore discomfort. The extra soft nipple tip adapts to the oral cavity in a particularly flexible way, similarly to the nipple. The test results are also promising: for example, 92% * of babies accept the near-natural pacifier, 99% * of mothers recommend the new Nature Sense and 98% * of midwives and pediatricians surveyed confirm a softness and feel. almost identical to that of the maternal breast. Alternate with your partner to feed your child: because with the NUK Nature Sense bottles, the dad can also feed your children with quality breast milk. * Independent market research Germany 2016. The box contains:1 NUK Jolie manual breast pump with NUK Nature Sense milk storage pot with adapter for breast pump,2 NUK Nature Sense bottles,2 silicone closure plates,1 clamping ring,Trial set of 2 NUK Ultra Dry Comfort breast pads. BPA free.


Mother breastfeeding set.


Polypropylene (PP), Silicone.


Please read the included instructions for use carefully before using it for the first time.


EAN/UPC: 4008600276555

Contents: 8 pieces

Presentation: Box