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Top 5 French acne and skin imperfection brands.

by Jina McHugo on Apr 05, 2022

Top 5 French acne and skin imperfection brands.

It is often thought that acne is a problem exclusively reserved for teenagers. But the reality is that acne is a much more common problem for adults than we tend to believe. The causes of adult acne are wide and diverse: genetics, changing hormone levels, contact irritation, hair and skin products, emotional stress, physical stress, clogged pores and bacteria.

Ultimately, Acne appears when tiny holes in the skin become obstructed. Sebaceous glands are tiny glands found near the surface of your skin. These glands are attached to the small pores in your skin that an individual hair grows out of. Their function is to lubricate the hair and the skin and to stop it from drying out through the production of an oily substance called sebum. Acne appears when these glands begin to produce too much sebum. This excess of sebum then merges with dead skin cells and forms a plug in the follicle which causes inflammation, bacteria proliferation and eventually, acne breakouts.

Fortunately, acne is not always completely in one's control and can be managed with some lifestyle changes and with the help of the right products:

  • One of the best acne brands you can find on the market is La Roche The Effaclar Acne Treatment System includes a comprehensive & unique set of dermatological acne ingredients to gently target different types of acne. It is allergy tested, oil-free, non-comedogenic, suitable for sensitive skins and fragrance-free.
  • Avene also offers an interesting range of products designed to improve acne-prone Formulated with Avene Thermal Spring Water to soothe and soften skin, Glyceryl Laurate oil helps to regulate sebum secretion, and Zinc gluconate purifies the skin with its antibacterial properties. Used regularly, this unique combination of ingredients will provide visible and long-lasting results. Avene products are recommended by dermatologists worldwide.
  • Bioderma: Bioderma's solution, Sebium, is a range tailored to oily and acne-prone The Sebium range has cleansing and skincare products that are specifically recommended by dermatologists: face cleansers for oily skin (foaming gel, micellar water), anti-blemish creams, moisturizers for acne-prone skin, and more.
  • Noreva is a lesser known brand, but it offers excellent products for acne-prone skin. NOREVA Actipur Anti-Imperfection Care inhibits and regulates the sebum production of acne-prone skin in both teenagers and adults.


  • Vichy has effective adult acne solutions that target acne, blackheads and pores while refining skin tone and texture. Dermatologists tested formulas with clinically proven ingredients like, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur and Glycolic acid.

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