Aboca - Oroben Mouthwash 150ml

Aboca - Oroben Mouthwash 150ml

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Aboca - Oroben Mouthwash 150ml

Aboca - Oroben Mouthwash 150ml

Product Information


Aboca Oroben Mouthwash 150ml is a medical device 100% natural which diminishes the pain and promotes healing of canker sores, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, inflamed gums and small oral lesions due, for example, to dental treatment or the use of orthodontic appliances and dentures. Oroben Mouth Wash acts thanks to Resinox FP, a natural molecular complex, result of Aboca search, composed of polysaccharides, resins and flavonoids which create on the mucous membrane, an active barrier with double action:Protective-moisturiser: it forms an adhesive film on the wound or inflamed area. This film will make it possible to limit the contact with external agents, pathogens or irritants which, in normal times, prevent the natural process of healing and tissue regeneration. Antioxidant: it protects the mucous membrane against irritating action on free radicals. Thanks to these mechanisms, the product has an indirect anti-inflammatory action and promotes reparation of tissues, by reducing recovery time. In addition, Mint essential oil produced a refreshing action by leaving a pleasant sensation freshness in the mouth. It can be also used to reduce halitosis which often accompanies gingivitis. Oroben Mouthwash allows to reach each part of oral cavity thanks to mouthwashes and gargling. It allows to eliminate the irritants and therefore promotes the control of micro-environment, hygiene and mouth protection. Medical device Class IIa. Does not contain gluten and preservatives. This flask contains a measuring cup.


For the treatment of canker sores, gingivitis, small mouth sores and daily oral hygiene.


Functional substances: Resinox FP, Natural molecular complex composed of polysaccharides (from Aloe vera *), flavonoids (from Chamomile *) and resins (from Myrrh).


Shake the bottle before use. It is advisable to use approximately 10ml of the product using the specific measuring cup, 2 or 3 times a day, performing mouthwashes and gargling for at least one minute. It can be used pure or diluted in a little water. For children, it is advisable to use the diluted product. The high concentration of functional substances may generate a slight deposit at the bottom of the vial. It suffices to shake the bottle slightly to obtain its homogeneous dispersion. Avoid the consumption of drinks or food for at least 15 minutes after application, so as to promote the adhesion of the product to the mucous membrane. Close the bottle tightly after use and wash the measuring cup thoroughly. Do not use the product in case of hypersensitivity or individual allergy to one or more of the components. Store in a cool, dry place, away from any source of heat and protected from light. Keep out of the reach of children. Can be used from 6 years old. This product is harmless if accidentally swallowed during application. For more information, read the instructions carefully.


EAN/UPC: 8032472017318

Contents: 150ml + 1 Measuring Cup

Presentation: Bottle