Beaphar Dimpylate Anti-Fleas Anti-Ticks Collar for Cats

Beaphar Dimpylate Anti-Fleas Anti-Ticks Collar for Cats

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Beaphar Dimpylate Anti-Fleas Anti-Ticks Collar for Cats

Beaphar Dimpylate Anti-Fleas Anti-Ticks Collar for Cats

Product Information


Beaphar Dimpylate Anti-Fleas Anti-Ticks Collar for Cats is a collar indicated to fight against affections with parasites sensitive to dimpylate. It allows the elimination of fleas and ticks. It allows to prevent from new infestations during a period of 4 months on fleas and of 3 months for ticks. It is effective up to 120 days.


To fight against parasitic infections in cats over 3 months old.


Active substance: dimphate 2,1g.


External and unique use. Adjust the length of the collar so that you can pass a finger between the neck and the collar. Cut the excess collar end. Not recommended for use in pregnant or nursing cats. Do not use other organophosphorus insecticides on the animal while the animal is wearing the collar. Contraindications:- do not apply on kittens less than 3 months,- do not apply to a sick or convalescent animal with skin lesions. In case of overdose, the main symptoms observed during accidental intoxication by organophosphorus insecticides are hypersalivation, diarrhea, bronchial congestion, tremors and seizures. The treatment of accidental intoxication is based mainly on the administration of atropine sulfate. Side effects: irritation can appear on the neck of the animal because of the wearing of the collar. In this case, remove the collar until symptoms disappear. In case of adverse effects, mainly tremors, hypersalivation, anorexia, lethargy and mydriasis, the treatment is symptomatic. Special warning: remove the collar at the first sign of intolerance. Precautions: remove the collar if the cat is washed and put it back when the hair is dry. The effectiveness of the collar can be reduced if the hair is wet repeatedly and significantly (rain, bath). In this case, the collar must be changed earlier. Fixing a tick is possible. Therefore, the transmission of infectious diseases by this parasite can not be totally excluded if the conditions are unfavorable. Wash hands after attaching the collar around the animal neck. Do not smoke, drink or eat while installing the collar. Avoid contact with the skin. Keep away from food and drinks including those of animals. Do not let children play with the collar. Store in its original packaging. Do not store above 30°C. Dimpylate is toxic to aquatic organisms. Empty packagings and any remaining product must be disposed of in accordance with current practices governed by the Waste Regulations.


EAN/UPC: 3461920440043

Contents: 1 collar

Presentation: Blister