Biopur - Anti-Stress Infusion 20 Sachets

Biopur - Anti-Stress Infusion 20 Sachets

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Biopur - Anti-Stress Infusion 20 Sachets

Biopur - Anti-Stress Infusion 20 Sachets

Product Information


Biopur Anti-Stress Infusion 20 Sachets is a preparation for infusion with chamomile for its effect on nervous relaxation. To help you let go, it is combined with passionflower and other zenifying plants with a sweet and aromatic fragrance. chamomile flowering top promotes emotional balance and sleep,bigaradier orange leaf helps to relax in case of stress,aerial part of passionflower and verbena complete these properties,a touch of rosehip underlines the flavours, without adding any aroma. Each plant has been selected for its variety, its properties and its aromatic intensity, favouring the terroirs that give it the best flavours. Naturally delicious, the recipes are without aromas, additives or animal products. 100% compostable: the brew is staple-free, unbleached. Certified Organic Agriculture. Control FR-BIO-01. Vegan. Made in France.


To promote nervous appeasement without addiction.


Orange bigaradier* (Citrus aurantium) 36%, Passionflower* (Passiflora edulis) 20%, Verbena* (Aloysia triphylla) 20%, Rosehip* (Rosa canina) 14%, Chamomile* (Matricaria recutita L. ) 10%. * Products from Organic Agriculture.


Infuse for 5 to 10 minutes in water at about 100°C. Drink 2 cups per day, after a meal or as needed. To be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle and combined with a balanced diet. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 12 years of age. Store away from moisture and heat.


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Contents: 20 sachets

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