Biosynex - Exacto Electric Baby Nose Blower

Biosynex - Exacto Electric Baby Nose Blower

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Biosynex - Exacto Electric Baby Nose Blower

Biosynex - Exacto Electric Baby Nose Blower

Product Information


Biosynex Exacto Electric Nose Blower is an electric nose blower running with batteries to always be operational. Infants and babies struggle to blow their nose. However, during the year, they are often exposed to colds and other respiratory infections. The sick child does not eat well. The small cold can quickly worsen and lead to more serious illnesses. Also, regular cleaning of the nostrils should not be neglected. A few drops of saline serum can be used in addition to the nose blowing, they make it possible to liquefy the secretions and facilitate their evacuation. The suction is effective, thanks to its silicone tip that guarantees smooth efficiency and is done in seconds. For more efficiency, it is recommended to obstruct the opposite nostril. The use is simple and there is no risk of contamination. To clean, it is very simple, it is necessary to dissociate the different elements by consulting the instructions for use. Parts in contact with secretions can be sterilized. The baby nose blower does not need an adapter, two alkaline batteries are enough for 1000 uses. Count 5 seconds on average per use. It contains:3 sterilizable and reusable tips depending on age, 1 carrying pouch and 2 AA batteries (LR6). Tested and recommended by pediatricians.


Electric baby nose blower with silicone tips.


Silicone tips.


Read the instructions before use.


EAN/UPC: 3532678590769

Contents: 1 baby nasal aspirator + accessories

Presentation: Box