CB12 - Sensitive Mouthwash 250ml

CB12 - Sensitive Mouthwash 250ml

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CB12 - Sensitive Mouthwash 250ml

CB12 - Sensitive Mouthwash 250ml

Product Information


CB12 Sensitive Mouthwash 250ml is a solution with patented formula of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine that actively neutralizes the bad odor during 12 hours. This mouthwash helps to reduce the dental sensibility: it protects and soothes in daily the sensitive teeth thanks to the Arginine that it contains (scientifically proven efficacy by being used twice a day after brushing). It contains fluorine to reinforce the teeth enamel. Its light mint scent leaves a pleasant taste. Alcohol free. Contains 0,5% of sodium fluorine.


Oral hygiene for adults and children over 12 years. Daily use.




Fill the cap up to the indicated line, ie 10 ml of solution per use. Rinse for about 30-60 seconds. Gargle and spit. Do not swallow. Use 1 to 2 times a day, after brushing. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use in children under 12 years or in case of hypersensitivity. If dental sensitivity persists, consult a dentist.


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Contents: 250ml

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