dBb Remond - Dishwasher Basket

dBb Remond - Dishwasher Basket

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dBb Remond - Dishwasher Basket

dBb Remond - Dishwasher Basket

Product Information


dBb Remond Dishwasher Basket is a basket in polypropylene that allows to group accessories of baby (pacifiers, teats, caps) in a unique basket, to be cleaned in dishwasher. It is composed of 2 compartments:- The inferior compartment, deep and closed by a turqoise part, contains caps, teats, soothers. . . - The superior part, above the turquoise part, contains rings, teethers and the flat accessories (rings, dental rings, spoons). Conforms to safety requirements. BPA free. Without phthalates.


Hygiene of baby accessories.




Close carefully the basket, and then place it in the superior part of the dishwasher. Before use, always check its condition. Throw it away at the first signs of deterioration or fragility. Before and after each use, clean with soapy water, rinse with clear water and dry.


EAN/UPC: 3167671909050

Contents: 1 basket

Presentation: Box