Elixirs & Co - Dependencies Organic 20ml

Elixirs & Co - Dependencies Organic 20ml

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Elixirs & Co - Dependencies Organic 20ml

Elixirs & Co - Dependencies Organic 20ml

Product Information


Elixirs & Co Dependencies Organic 20ml is a ready-to-use food supplement that helps to get rid of harmful substances and habits, stimulates willpower and supports motivation. This elixir also makes it possible to free oneself from painful or painful ties, as well as from situations which hinder professional or private life. It contains the following Bach Flowers:Agrimony: to find internally its true aspirations and to manifest them. Bud of chestnut: which pushes to come out of the same negative cycles and to refine its threshold of vigilance. Knapweed: which helps to say "no" and to assert its real preferences. Chicory: which encourages people to forget their shortcomings and their suffering in order to regain their balance. It makes it possible to escape the desire for posessivity or the greed for food. Walnut: to strengthen his emotional integrity vis-à-vis harmful incentives, and to help cut the links that hinder his development. Wild apple tree: to give less importance and audience to impulses and temptations. Prunus: which helps to maintain self-control when you are afraid of breaking down. Vegan. Certified Organic Agriculture. Control FR-BIO-01. Made in France.


Remedy elixir for difficulties of the daily life.


Organic brandy (99. 6%) 40% Vol, Aqueous extracts of flowers (0. 4%) 1/250 Agrimonia Eupatoria *, Aesculus Hippocastanum *, Centaurium Erythaea *, Cichorium Intybus *, Juglans Regia *, Malus Silvestris *, Prunus Cerasifera *.


For occasional problems: Take by 4 drops, as long as the need arises. For chronic problems or old disorders, take each day:Or 4 drops diluted in a glass of water or a drink, several times a day. Or 16 drops mixed in a bottle of water. Cannot replace a varied and balanced diet. To be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle.


EAN/UPC: 3584850009262

Contents: 20ml

Presentation: Dropper bottle