Gifrer - Baby Nose Blower + 4 Free Ends

Gifrer - Baby Nose Blower + 4 Free Ends

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Gifrer - Baby Nose Blower + 4 Free Ends

Gifrer - Baby Nose Blower + 4 Free Ends

Product Information


Gifrer Baby Nose Blower + 4 Free Ends is a baby nose blower that is used from birth in the event of a congested nose (cold, nasopharyngitis for example), to relieve baby. Safe and effective, it gently removes nasal phlegm thanks to its light suction. It has several advantages:Hygienic thanks to the nasal nozzle which is equipped with an absorbent foam filter, which retains phlegm. Safe thanks to the anatomical extra flexible nasal tip that adapts to baby's nostrils and allows maximum comfort. Maintenance-free, after use just throw away the nasal tip. Practical because delivered with its storage case. Medical device. Regulated health product which, under this regulation, bears the CE marking. The Gifrer nasal nose blower is only compatible with Gifrer extra soft tips.


Cleaning of the nose of baby.




Insert a new nasal nozzle into the device. Lay baby on his back. Put physiological saline in baby's nose to help aspiration of phlegm. Place the tip of the mouthpiece into one of baby's nostrils and gently suck. Repeat the same operation for the other nostril. Detach the nosepiece and throw it away after use. If the mouthpiece is full before the full suction of both nostrils, remove nasal secretions with a tissue by blowing into the mouthpiece or use a new mouthpiece. Keep the nasal aspirator in its case. It is recommended to de-clutter baby's nose before meals and before bedtime, to help him breathe better to eat and sleep. The tip should be discarded after each use to avoid any risk of new infections. Carefully read the instructions on the case.


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Contents: 1 baby nose blower + 4 ends

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