Gillette - Mach3 4-Blade Refill

Gillette - Mach3 4-Blade Refill

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Gillette - Mach3 4-Blade Refill

Gillette - Mach3 4-Blade Refill

Product Information


Gillette Mach3 4-Blade Refill are blades compatible with all Mach3 razors. They provide a smooth and efficient shave that is gentle on the skin:Thanks to proven technology, these blades are safe and durable. They offer great shaving comfort. To prevent the risk of irritation, they are equipped with Lubrastrip technology: in contact with water, the lubricating strip releases active agents that reduce friction during shaving. Its progressive discolouration makes it possible to quickly identify the state of wear of the blades. For increased efficiency, the blades are preceded by a flexible elastomer comfort guard. The 10 micro-slides stretch the skin and prepare the hair, thus promoting a precise cut while preventing sensations of irritation when the blades are passed. They are stronger than bare steel. Each blade delivers 15 comfortable, clean shaves.


Blades for men's mechanical razor.




Regularly check the condition of the blades for a better shave.


EAN/UPC: 7702018565801

Contents: 4 Blades

Presentation: Blister