GUM - Fine Floss

GUM - Fine Floss

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GUM - Fine Floss

GUM - Fine Floss

Product Information


GUM Fine Floss is a strong and thin dental floss to cleanse the narrow interdental spaces and under the gum. Thin and cylindrical: this floss easily slides in the smallest interdental spaces. Woven fibers: they ensure a better solidity, to better eliminate the dental plaque. Length: 54,8 metres. Plastic box with floss-cutter. GUM Fine Floss is available in 2 models: - Waxed: slides more easily between the teeth. - Non-waxed: for the initiates.


Dental hygiene, dental plaque, interdental spaces.




Use about 45 cm of floss and wrap it around the middle fingers , taking care of letting a few centimers of floss in the middle. Tighten the floss between the thumbs and trigger fingers. Slightly slide the floss between the teeth, up to the gum. Then, while holding the floss against the teeth, move in a vertical direction, from the gum to the tooth.


EAN/UPC: 0070942005555

Contents: 54,8 metres

Presentation: Plastic box