GUM - Post-Surgery Toothbrush 317

GUM - Post-Surgery Toothbrush 317

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GUM - Post-Surgery Toothbrush 317

GUM - Post-Surgery Toothbrush 317

Product Information


GUM Post-Surgery Toothbrush 317 is an ultra-supple toothbrush, ideal for: - Post-surgery hygien - Extractions - Dental implants pose - Grafts - Gums problems - Oral irritations and ulcerations. Adult surgical toothbrush for adult, 4 ranks. Flat head: In case of surgery, it allows to cleanse the operated zone and to apply a chlorhexidin-based gel (for example GUM Paroex). Ergonomic handle: rubber handle for a better grip. Long and thin collar for a facilitated access to the posterior zone.


Dental hygiene, dental plaque. Dental extraction, curetting, parondontalesurgery , gingival graft, dental implants surgery,, ulcerations, post- ENT radiotherapy. Adult.




Place the toothbrush along the gums in order to form a 45° angle. The strands will get into the sulcus and will be able to remove the plaque which was formed. Softly brush the external side of a group of 2 or 3 teeth with a round movement. Repeat on each 2 or 3 teeth group, for all the teeth. Brush ithe internal sides of the teeth the same way.


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Contents: 1 brush

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