GUM - Toothbrush Classic 311

GUM - Toothbrush Classic 311

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GUM - Toothbrush Classic 311

GUM - Toothbrush Classic 311

Product Information


GUM Toothbrush Classic 311 is a soft toothbrush. Dome cut : the two central ranks are higher and form a dome which allows to effectively eliminate the plaque at the level of the gingival sulcus. Round-ended strands: enable a soft brushing, respecting the enamel of teeth and gums. Textured strands 20/100th: thanks to their textured surface the strands remove more dental plaque. Gingival stimulator in caoutchouc with free latex to massage the gums and clean in gentleness the gingival sulcus. Detail: Large, soft, 3 ranks: adult and junior.


Dental hygiene, dental plaque. Adult and child.


Polycarbonate handle, synthetic Tynex fibers.


Place the toothbrush along the gums in order to form a 45° angle. The strands will get into the sulcus and will be able to remove the plaque which was formed. Softly brush the external side of a group of 2 or 3 teeth with a round movement from gums to teeth.  Repeat this movement on the next group of 2 or 3 teeth and so on for all teeth in the arches. Brush the inner surfaces of the teeth in the same manner as the outer surfaces by maintaining the 45° angle between the brush and the gingivo-dental groove. At the upper and lower incisors, perform a back-and-forth movement using the tip of the toothbrush head. Finally, brush the occlusal surfaces - those used to chew - of the molars in a horizontal motion.


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