GUM - Toothbrush Classic 407

GUM - Toothbrush Classic 407

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GUM - Toothbrush Classic 407

GUM - Toothbrush Classic 407

Product Information


GUM Toothbrush Classic 407 is a simple and easy to use toothbrush for daily brushing. It allows an effective removal of plaque and thus helps to protect the teeth and gums, for good oral health. Its two rows of raised central strands form a dome that effectively removes plaque from the gingivo-dental groove. At the end of the handle is a latex-free gingival stimulator to massage the gums and gently cleanse the gingival groove. The cap protects the toothbrush when not in use.


Dental hygiene, dental plaque.


Polycarbonate handle, synthetic Tynex fibers.


Place the toothbrush at a 45° angle on the tooth and gingival groove. Gently brush the junction between the tooth and the gum from front to back and finish with a rolling motion from the gum to the tooth. Repeat this sequence for all exterior and interior surfaces. Clean the inner sides of the teeth with vertical movement by gently inserting the bristles into the gingival groove. Brush the chewing surfaces with a back-and-forth movement. Finish by gently brushing the tongue.


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