GUM - Toothbrush Technique+ 491

GUM - Toothbrush Technique+ 491

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GUM - Toothbrush Technique+ 491

GUM - Toothbrush Technique+ 491

Product Information


GUM Toothbrush Technique+ 491 is a brush with several levels of strands, recommended for daily cleaning. Equipped with strands of different lengths and a thin head, it has been specially designed to reach all parts of the mouth. The raised strands at the end of the head help to remove the plate more easily in the areas of the bottom of the mouth. Its Quad-Grip handle and dome-shaped blade cutting ensure a 45° brushing angle, ideal for removing plaque under the gums. Features of the 491 model: Soft texture, compact size. Protective cap included.


Oral hygiene, dental plaque. Adults.




Place the toothbrush along the gum to form a 45° angle. The strands will be inserted into the gingivo-dental groove and will be able to harvest the plaque that formed there. Gently brush the outer surface of a group of 2 or 3 teeth while rotating from the gums to the teeth. Repeat this movement on the next group of 2 or 3 teeth and so on for all teeth in the arches. Brush the inner surfaces of the teeth in the same manner as the outer surfaces by maintaining the 45° angle between the brush and the gingivo-dental groove. At the upper and lower incisors, perform a back-and-forth movement using the tip of the toothbrush head. Finally, brush the occlusal surfaces - those used to chew - of the molars in a horizontal motion.


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