HerbalGem - Organic Fem50+Gem 30ml

HerbalGem - Organic Fem50+Gem 30ml

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HerbalGem - Organic Fem50+Gem 30ml

HerbalGem - Organic Fem50+Gem 30ml

Product Information


HerbalGem Organic Fem50+Gem 30ml is a food supplement combining young growths of cranberries and brambles, hawthorn and apple tree buds, a mother tincture of sage and the essential oil of carrot, to help women over 50 during its menopause. The apple tree and the bramble act on the hormonal component, the hawthorn soothes in case of hard sleep, the mother tincture of sage plays an important role to regulate night hot flushes and the carrot essential oil participates to a better hormonal balance thanks to its hepatic functions. The full energy of the tree concentrated in the bud is offered to you in this food supplement!Product certified: Organic Farming.


To help women over 50 during the menopause.


Vegetable glycerin*, Alcohol (35% vol), Water, Extracts of young cranberry leaves* (Vaccinum Vitis Idea L), Apple buds* (Malus Sylvestris L Mill), Young shoots of Blackberry* (Rubus Fructicosus L), Hawthorn* buds (Crataegus Oxyacantha L),  Mother of Sage Tincture* (Salvia Officinalis L), Essential Carrot Oil* (Daucus Carota Sativa).


5 to 15 drops every day outside of the meals, pure or diluted in water or honey. Not suitable for pregnant women and children under 13 years. Not advised in case of hormono-dependant cancers.


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Contents: 30ml

Presentation: Bottle