Inava - Post-Operative Toothbrush 7/100

Inava - Post-Operative Toothbrush 7/100

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Inava - Post-Operative Toothbrush 7/100

Inava - Post-Operative Toothbrush 7/100

Product Information


Inava Post-Operative Toothbrush for adults 7/100mm is a toothbrush with finely rounded strands for optimum respect of tooth and gums. Its ultra-flexible strands are recommended on weakened mucous membranes or following dental intervention. Its case keeps the strands tight and ensures optimal hygiene. Its flexible handle allows adaptation to the morphology of each.


Oral hygiene, specifically designed for the post-operative periods. Adults and teenagers.


Strands in Tynex 6,5/100mm.


Use the brush impregnated with a mouthwash to massage the gums during the week following the procedure. After 7 days, use the surgical toothbrush until the pain almost subsides (7-10 days). Gradually, the sensitivity of the teeth and gums will return to normal. Then use the Inava Periodontics brush until the pain is completely gone. The lifespan of this toothbrush is 1 or 2 weeks depending on the number of daily uses. An Inava exclusive: this toothbrush is sanitizable in the microwave: immersing the head of the toothbrush in water for 1 min at 600 W (without the case) allows a reduction in the oral flora deposited on the brush Inava.


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Contents: 1 toothbrush

Presentation: Blister