Juvamine - Fat Burning Tea 20 Sachets

Juvamine - Fat Burning Tea 20 Sachets

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Juvamine - Fat Burning Tea 20 Sachets

Juvamine - Fat Burning Tea 20 Sachets

Product Information


Juvamine Fat Burning Tea 20 Sachets is a tea with gourmand formula specifically dedicated to well-being and also to fats metabolism and to organism draining:- Green Tea, Guarana and Mate promote the lipids degradation,- Kola nut helps to burn fats,- Green Tea and Meadowsweet are used to facilitate elimination functions of organism. Lemongrass adds to this tea a fragranced touch and softens the pronounced flavour of Green Tea.


Fat-burner. For adults.


Lemongrass (25%), meadowsweet (23%), green tea (20%), green mate (15%), guarana (14. 8%), cherry tail (1%), cola (0. 8% ), mango (0. 4%).


Let infuse the sachet in simmering water during 3-4 minutes, 4 sachets a day. It is recommended to respect the recommended daily doses. It is advisable not to take this tea before bedtime. Taking outside meals is not recommended. Cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healtjy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and moisture. Keep out of reach of children. Contains caffeine (75mg a day): not recommended for children, teenagers, breastfeeding and pregnant women, people on anticoagulant therapy, allergic to salicylated derivatives.


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Contents: 20 Sachets

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