Mercurochrome - Hearing Protections 2 Pairs

Mercurochrome - Hearing Protections 2 Pairs

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Mercurochrome - Hearing Protections 2 Pairs

Mercurochrome - Hearing Protections 2 Pairs

Product Information


Mercurochrome Hearing Protections 2 Pairs ensure an effective protection against all forms of noise pollution (attenuation value of 35 decibels). They are non-irritating. Comfortable, their condensed foam texture allows a perfect adaptation without any discomfort. The removal of the protections is facilitated by their winged base. Disposable protections. Do not reuse. Nominal size of 6-11mm.


Ears protection.




Hands must be clean: roll the full ear plug to make it the thinnest possible cylinder without folds. Place the free hand over the head, pull the earlobe up and back, and with the other hand, push the earplug into the ear canal as far as possible. Hold the earplug in place for 40 seconds until it has re-inflated into the ear canal. In a noisy environment, after putting up the ear plugs, put your hands in a bell on both ears and remove them. The earplugs must block enough noise to not hear a noticeable difference. If the ear plugs are not properly installed, repeat the installation instructions from the beginning. Remove the ear plug gently by twisting it so that air can enter the ear canal. Too fast extraction of the ear plug can damage the eardrum. Make sure the protections are inserted, adjusted and cured as directed. Poor insertion will decrease effectiveness and may result in loss of hearing or injury. Always wear earplugs in a noisy environment. Clean the protections before use, being careful to remove any wax or dirt. It is possible to wipe the protections with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use cleansing, disinfectant or chemical solution that could impair the plugs and reduce their effectiveness. Keep away from babies or young children. Although nontoxic, ear plugs can become respiratory obstruction if they get stuck in the trachea, causing serious injury or even death.


EAN/UPC: 3160920506208

Contents: 2 pairs

Presentation: Blister