Mylan - Flamigel Healing Gel 50g

Mylan - Flamigel Healing Gel 50g

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Mylan - Flamigel Healing Gel 50g

Mylan - Flamigel Healing Gel 50g

Product Information


Mylan Flamigel Healing Gel 50g is a hydrocolloid gel enriched with arginine indicated for the treatment of small wounds and burns and promotes rapid healing of the skin. Its formula combines 3 elements for good healing: - A gel: The gel has many refreshing, moisturizing and soothing properties that contribute fully to the effective management of skin lesions. - A hydrocolloid: In contact with oozing wounds, the hydrocolloid contained in Flamigel absorbs excess fluid and restores a normal level of hydration in the wound. Its combination with the gel creates a moist environment that speeds up the healing rate and improves the appearance of scars. - Arginine which is an amino acid essential for healing. It promotes the synthesis of collagen, the major component of the dermis, which is at the origin of the resistance to stretching of the skin. Flamigel provides optimal healing conditions. It promotes rapid skin repair by forming a protective layer on the wound, limiting the risk of external contamination and providing a moist environment conducive to healing. It also helps to soothe the pain quickly thanks to its refreshing effect. It can be used on dry and wet wounds.


To accelerate healing, soothe quickly, reduce the risk of scarring.




Apply carefully to the skin without rubbing, once or twice a day. In case of sunburn, apply two to six times daily. In the case of a superficial open wound, apply a thick layer (5mm) avoiding the edges of the wound. If necessary, cover the wound with a plaster or bandage. If there is a superficial open wound, cover Flamigel with a sterile, non-adhesive dressing and hold it with gauze or bandage. Wash your hands after treatment of the wound or burn. Change the plaster or bandage daily, especially if there is a superficial open wound. To remove the gel, use a wet gauze.


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