Novodex - Cerudex Ear Hygiene 100ml

Novodex - Cerudex Ear Hygiene 100ml

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Novodex - Cerudex Ear Hygiene 100ml

Novodex - Cerudex Ear Hygiene 100ml

Product Information


Novodex Cerudex Ear Hygiene 100ml is a medical device based on 100% natural-source sea water which allows to effectively and safety clean the ear. This product has to be use regular for ear hygiene for adults and children from 3 years. It also recommended for those prone to developing plugs and for wearers of hearing aids. This medical device contains a formula based of isotonic 100% natural-source sea-water, no preservatives. Its ergonomic and flexible distribution system ensures an efficiency and safety diffusion. Its umbrella reverse-stream diffuser allows a dynamic cleaning action over the exterior of the ear canal without exerting any pressure on the eardrum. At the first utilization, it thins and dissolved the ear-wax and protects effectively the ear canal. It also has a preventive action on the formation of plugs.


Ear hygiene. For adults and children from 3 years.


100% Natural Isotonic Sea Water, preservative-free.


1-2 sprays in each ear, 2 or 3 times a week. In case of excessive ear wax secretion, it can be used daily. Remove the transparent cap. Do not cut or remove the tip as this may cause ear injury. Standing over the sink or in the shower, tilt your head to the left and insert the tip into the left ear, then spray. The stream cleans the ear canal by flowing back out the ear. Each spray should be brief and last less than a second. Repeat the operation in the right ear. Clean the tip with warm water and soap after each use, then rinse.


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Contents: 100ml

Presentation: Spray