Osato Immun'Age 30 sachets

Osato Immun'Age 30 sachets

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Osato Immun'Age 30 sachets

Osato Immun'Age 30 sachets

Product Information


Immun' Âge is a protective food supplement which reinforces natural defences, improves vitality and well-being and accelerates recovery. It slows down the effects of the age, decreases the oxidizing stress, makes it possible to find a better health and to reduce the risk of diseases. Immun' Age only preparation of fermented papaw 100% F. P. P. Without side effects, nor toxicity: the advantage of Immun' Âge on the vitamins is not to have any pro-oxidant effect in the event of overdose. Preparation 100% natural:Immun' Âge is made of a preparation of fermented Papapa 100% natural, preservative free, chemical addictive free, GMO free guarantee.


Stress, overwork, tiredness, prevention of the winter affections, prevention of ageing and photovieillissement. Adult.


Fermented Papaya Extract 3g.


1 sachet per day during 2 to 3 months (2 or 3 times per annum) according to your form and of your environment.


EAN/UPC: 3401578019734

Contents: 30 Sachets of 3g

Presentation: Box