Philips - One Blade Razor QP2520/30

Philips - One Blade Razor QP2520/30

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Philips - One Blade Razor QP2520/30

Philips - One Blade Razor QP2520/30

Product Information


Philips One Blade Razor QP2520/30 is a waterproof, refillable razor that trims, contours and shaves hairs of any length. Its double protection system (smooth coating and rounded edges) makes shaving easier and more comfortable. Its shaving technology benefits from a fast motion solution (200 per second), for an efficient shave, even on long hairOneBlade follows the contours of your face to trim and shave easily and comfortably, even in hard-to-reach areas. Move the two-way blade in any direction to define your contours and create perfect lines. No matter which direction, you get optimal visibility and never miss a hairTrim your beard with the utmost precision using one of the 3 included shoes: 1 mm for a "new beard" effect, 3 mm for a short beard and 5 mm for a longer beard. Perfect style in no time. OneBlade doesn't shave as close as a traditional blade, so it preserves your skin. The rechargeable battery provides 45 minutes of autonomy for 8 hours of charging.


Electric razor for trimming, styling and shaving the beard.




Attach one of the snap-on clogs to obtain a beard of the length of your choice. Place the blade flat on the skin. Place and use the razor in the opposite direction of the hair. Make long movements (avoid short, jerky movements). Define the contours with the side of the blade. Attach one of the "3-day beard" clogs to trim your beard. Use long strokes for a uniform three-day beard. OneBlade is waterproof, making it easy to clean: simply rinse it under running waterYou can shave with or without foam, depending on your preference. The blades are designed for long-lasting performance. For optimum performance, simply replace each blade every 4 months. Replacement is simple.


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Contents: 1 razor + accessories

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