Physiomer - Baby Nose Blower

Physiomer - Baby Nose Blower

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Physiomer - Baby Nose Blower

Physiomer - Baby Nose Blower

Product Information


Physiomer Baby Nose Blower is speciallty designed to infants from the age of 1 month. Free from Bisphenol-A and from PVC, it can be used as needed. Physiomer Baby Nose Blower relieves baby's blocked nose, in a gentle and effective way. It eliminates the excessive mucosities, and allows your child to breathe more freely, thus facilitating his meals. Perfectly natural answer to blocked nose, Physiomer Baby Nose Blower can be used each time it is necessary. Conditionned in a box practical to carry, which contains 1 baby-nose blower + 5 disposable hygienic filters.


Blow baby's nose. Infants from 1 month-old.




Use as often as needed, preferably before bedtime or meals. Read the precautions for use with attention. In case of difficulties to blow the nose caused by thick secretions, use a nasal hygien care adapted to children such as Physiomer Micro-Diffusion, to fluidify the excessive mucus before using the baby-nose blower. Don't hesitate to consult your paediatrician.


EAN/UPC: 3401097813417

Contents: 1 baby-nose blower + 5 filters

Presentation: Box