Rescue - Bach Dropper-bottle 20ml

Rescue - Bach Dropper-bottle 20ml

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Rescue - Bach Dropper-bottle 20ml

Rescue - Bach Dropper-bottle 20ml

Product Information


Rescue Bach Dropper-bottle 20ml is a mixture of Bach flowers, real concentrate of serenity. This very practical dropper-bottle is ideal in case of emergency or stress as it provides an immediate sensation of serenity. It provides relaxing and soothing properties of floral essences:Rock Rose allows to control the fears,Impatiens allows to control the precipitations,Clematis allows to stay present, whatever the situation,Star of Bethlehem avoids you to be submerged by pain,Cherry Plum avoids the fear to loose control. Easy and discreet to use, its composition is natural and suitable for children.


To recover an immediate sensation of serenity. Urgent situations.


Aqueous dilution of Helianthum Nummularium L Mill, Clematis Vitalba L, Impatiens Glandulifera Royle, Prunus Cerasifera Ehrh, Ornithogalum Umbellatum L (Dilution 1/500), Grape Alcohol 27%.


4 drops in a glass of water or directly on the tongue. To renew if necessary up to 6 times per day. To use with moderation during the pregnancy or breastfeeding.


EAN/UPC: 5000488104202

Contents: 20ml

Presentation: Dropper bottle