Rescue - Bach Lozenges Lemon Flavour 50g

Rescue - Bach Lozenges Lemon Flavour 50g

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Rescue - Bach Lozenges Lemon Flavour 50g

Rescue - Bach Lozenges Lemon Flavour 50g

Product Information


Rescue Bach Lozenges Lemon Flavour 50g are lozenges which contain a mix of 5 essences of Original Bach flowers: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum. They provide the relaxing and soothing properties of floral essences:- Rock Rose allows to control panic fears. - Impatiens allows to control precipitation. - Clematis allows to stay present despite the situation. - Star of Bethlehem avoids you to be submerged by sorrow or pain. - Cherry Plum (Black Cherry) avoids you the fear of loosing control. Their natural flavour of Lemon make them very enjoyable at taste. They can replace the drops or spray (1 lozenge = 4 drops = 2 pressures of spray). Sugar free. Alcohol free. With sweeteners.


Lozenges to suck. For adults and children from 15 years. Approximately 37 lozenges.


Bulking agents (sorbitol, maltitol, isomalt), thickening agent (gum arabic), acidifier (citric acid), natural flavor of (lemon), coloring agent (Curcumin), sweetener (Xylitol), coating agents (palm kernel oil, Beeswax), Original Bach Flowers, (Helianthum Nummularium (L. ) Mill, Clematis Vitalba L, Impatiens Glandulifera Royle, Prunus Cerasifera Ehrh, Ornithogalum umbellatum L.


1 to 2 tablets when needed and up to 10 tablets per day. Do not exceed the daily dose indicated. Excess use may result in laxative effects. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding without medical advice. This product is contraindicated in children under 15 years of age without a medical advice. This dietary supplement can not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Open the box by pressing with the thumbs in the middle of the lid. This pressure '' free '' the sides of the box, which allows to remove the lid. To close the box, do the opposite operation. Put the lid back on the box and press on the sides with two fingers so that the lid is bombed again and thus fixed.


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Contents: 50g

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