Soframar - Cozy Hot Water Boots - Colour: Brown

Soframar - Cozy Hot Water Boots - Colour: Brown

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Soframar - Cozy Hot Water Boots - Colour: Brown

Soframar - Cozy Hot Water Boots - Colour: Brown

Product Information


Soframar Cozy Hot Water Boots - Colour: Brown is a pretty pair of slippers that consists of millet grains and French lavender flowers. It will bring you well-being and comfort and all the benefits of thermotherapy. Size: 36-42.


Slippers (microwaweable) with millets and french lavenders flowers.


Millet seeds and lavender flowers.


Heat in the microwave (do not use grill mode). 600-800 Watt = 90 seconds. 850-1000 Watt = 60 seconds. Read the paper instructions carefully before using the hot water bottle. Remove the label from the hot water bottle and the packaging (if there is one) before use. Observe the heating time and duration. During the first few uses, there may be a normal release of moisture to the surface which will end after a few uses. Use under the supervision of a responsible adult. Regularly clean the surface of the hot water bottle. In case of overheating, let cool for about 4 hours before reuse. Store the hot water bottle in a cool, dry place. If damaged, dispose of in household waste. Immediately remove the hot water bottle. Check by a responsible adult that it is not too hot before using it or giving it to a child, the temperature may rise after removing from the oven. Do not apply to a wound, eyes, mucous membranes, damaged skin, in case of hypersensitivity or insensitivity to heat, in the case of medical or dermatological pathology, in case of diabetes, in case of vascular and circulatory problems , ask your doctor for advice. Do not use in direct contact with the skin or on a heat-conducting support (pajama snap, jewelry . . . ).


EAN/UPC: 5060075681653

Contents: 1 pair of boots

Presentation: Sachet