Urgo Strapping 6cm x 2,5m

Urgo Strapping 6cm x 2,5m

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Urgo Strapping 6cm x 2,5m

Urgo Strapping 6cm x 2,5m

Product Information


Urgo Strapping 6cm x 2,5m allows a return to your activities in security, it is the adapted solution. Latex free and with its bands easy to pose, it is easy to use. It also perfectly and easily adapts to your movement and lets your skin breathe. Moreover, the presence of non-woven selvedges guarantee that there is no risk of local necking. But why maintain a weakened area?After an injury, a remodelling phase of the affected area takes place. Although cured, it is not 100% recovered and remains fragile. It must be maintained during its resumption of activity to promote good recovery. Be careful not to exert too much effort which could lead to a new injury.


Restraint in the prevention and treatment of traumatic joint, muscultendinous and ligament injuries. Functional rehabilitation for a gradual resumption of sports activity.


Support in elastic white fabric with length, coated with an elastometric adhesive, solvent-free.


Use on dry, healthy and defatted skin. Cut the desired strip length and peel off the protective paper at one end, continuing to peel it off as you lay it. Build the contention by applying a greater or lesser tension to the band according to the desired effect. Consolidate the contention by covering each band once or twice, respecting the overlap of at least half of the first band. Precautions for use:Never place the tape directly on injured skin. Avoid excessive tensions while maintaining dressings, they can generate skin stresses at the origin of vesicles (epidermal detachments). Never lay under high tension in a circular way. In the event of prolonged static use or installation on a sensitive part of the body, an interface is necessary between the skin and the tape.


EAN/UPC: 3401070816220

Contents: 1 strip

Presentation: Box